Lorian Bartle‘s music is inspired by many things. Here she features that which inspires her the most.

Lorian Bartle Cafe CentralLorian Bartle is German at heart and loves the cafe culture of Germany and Austria. She enjoys sitting in an international environment to read and listen to the news of the day.





Lorian Bartle SachertorteIn additional to excellent coffee, Lorian Bartle is happy to indulge in exquisitely prepared desserts. The Sachertorte, pictured, is among her favorites.





Lorian Bartle RhineThe Rhine river, which runs through the heart of Germany, is one of Lorian Bartle‘s favorite places to visit. She particularly enjoys its musical inspirations, such as the famous Lorelei.





Lorian Bartle Cologne CathedralThe churches of Germany are another source of inspiration for Lorian Bartle, such as the amazing Cologne Cathedral. No one has done Gothic architecture on a grander scale.







Lorian Bartle Heidelberg CastleSpeaking of grand, is there any castle more impressive than the massive one in Heidelberg? It’s astounding size if offset by its sublime beauty.




When Lorian Bartle isn’t travelling in person, she indulges in her passion for reading. Here are some of the book-lover sites where she has accounts: